pride of ‘tiranga’

There was a time

Totally Different form today

Where people were slaves

made to work all day


It was 69 years ago

They got out of this nightmare

Carrying the tricoloured flag

Freedom they declared


And even today we carry

The tricoloured flag

But why is it found next day

In the garbage bag?


The leaders those fighters

Who risked their lives

Was is just for a day?

Is this how we repay sacrifice


Maybe this is the time

We all must understand

It was not to get a day off

But with pride to stand


Let’s take a few moment

Praying for all fighters

Even their dead bodies won’t leave

They held ‘tiranga’ such tighter


The sacrifice of all fighter

And freedom that they found

Our ‘tiranga’ has it all

So never let it touch the ground.

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